De Waag Doesburg


Treat your business guests to a unique entourage

Tell the truth. Do you put your esteemed business guests under a system ceiling? Or do you go for an inspiring setting where deals have been struck, ideas exchanged and successes celebrated for centuries?

We thought so too.

Doing business at De Waag since 1478

Doesburg is a Hanseatic city. Trade, activity, bustle… it’s all in the city’s fibres. In the midst of this late-mediaeval liveliness stood De Waag. Here, merchandise was sorted, weighed and valued. De Waag was Doesburg’s business epicentre.

More than 500 years later, Doesburg and De Waag are still the ultimate place for your business meeting. The original scales still hang in our grand café. A subtle reminder of the past to then work on a successful future with your guests.

To a good ambience follows success

Because it is precisely the ambience (often unconsciously) that is an important factor.

  • A pleasant, warm ambience will bring you closer to that deal.
  • Business contacts or job applicants feel more at ease.
  • Brainstorming sessions with colleagues actually produce ideas.

Under fluorescent lights and suspended ceilings, energy flows away. Here is where you get energy. Check it out..

De Gewelvenkelder

De Heerenkamer

Het Proeflokaal

De Opkamer

De Hooge Zaal

Café De Hooge Zaal

Our rooms may be authentic, but they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology

A pause walk through a charming Hanseatic town? Or across a car park somewhere along a motorway?

During long sessions, you want to get away from it all with your guests. The bow cannot always be tight. So how nice is it to take a refreshing walk with your relations along centuries-old façades and surprising streets? That feels quite different from ‘back and forth’ in the car park of a motorway hotel.

Free parking less than 5 minutes’ walk away

Park for free on the Bleek and walk down the stately Koepoortstraat to De Waag. This will get you in the mood for a successful business meeting.