De Waag Doesburg


For the bride and groom-to-be

What a beautiful day awaits you. Anticipation, nerves and choice stress alternate in rapid succession. But rest assured… everything will be fine.

Especially if you seal your love at De Waag. And that can be done in all sorts of ways. De Waag has everything you need for a memorable, monumental and mighty fine wedding celebration.


Weddings with allure, yet everyone at ease. That is what the entourage at De Waag is all about. Let us know what you need and what is important to you. Then we will take care of the details together.


After the discharge of saying yes, there is naturally room for relaxation. And we have that space. We receive your guests in one of our stylish rooms or in our mediaeval vaulted cellar. What a place to cut the wedding cake.

Wedding dinner

Good food, cosy dining, culinary enjoyment. You cannot have a beautiful wedding day without a delicious wedding dinner. And that way, you lay a good foundation for the next part.

Wedding party

“It was fan-tas-tic!” Together, we make sure people say goodbye to you with these words at the end of the day or evening. Our team will do everything possible to make your wedding celebration reverberate in your memories for a long time to come.

Ceremony at City Hall, as a couple to De Waag

It is also possible to make a combination with Doesburg's stately town hall, directly opposite De Waag. After you have said your heartfelt 'yes' in the wedding hall of the city hall, have released each other's ring finger and the guests have dried their tears, the whole party follows you on the red carpet to De Waag.