De Waag Doesburg


Come to your Stadsbierhuys

Experience more than just the ambiance

Take a seat in our centuries-old Grand Café. De Waag's entourage gives every drink, hot or cold, that extra special touch. And the same goes for our attractive terrace. In the middle of the historical centre of Doesburg, it is of course a good place to be. You cannot reserve a spot on the terrace, but you can reserve a table in the Grand Café.

De Waag Oerblond Hanzebier

A Stadsbierhuys without its own beer is no Stadsbierhuys And our beer menu still offered some room, especially for the connoisseur. We wanted a blond beer with all the goodness of traditional blond beers, but with a slightly rounder flavour.

Brewer Erwin Hoftijzer of Brouwerij Wentersch therefore went to work with abbey yeast, a quicksilver hop and just a bit more wheat. This makes our beer not only rounder in taste, but also cloudier. De Waag Oerblond Hanzebier was born. Since then, from behind the tap, we have seen many visitors looking up approvingly from their beer glass.